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How to Meet Your Soul Mate in Thirty Days

As one relationship after the other comes to an end, you find yourself becoming more frustrated.” Why can’t my relationships last? I have no idea what I did to deserve this. Maybe I don’t deserve a wonderful soul Mate, but I want one so much.” Do these words sound familiar to you, do they jolt your memory into action so that you plan a night out with such determination to find another lover that it blinds you to the fact that this is where you met all the others?

For you it may just continue to become a waste of time and energy. You are not in the right frame of mind to find a partner. You are simply desperate to have someone in your life and now anyone will do. You may think I am talking out of the top of my hat but if you think about it, how many of those partners have been so alike that you thought you were experiencing a de javue? The crux of the matter is that you are still attracting partners from the perspective of all the other relationships.

You talk to your friend and say words to this affect, “I don’t want him to drink, I don’t want him to swear, I don’t want him to go to pubs.” Well there is no getting away from it, come Monday or next week you will have another replica of the last guy and be almost ready to throw him out as well. The relationships that you attract are a vibration of the expectations that you have, and the lack of what you have that you keep attracting.

It is time to clean up you’re act and get into a place that will bring you exactly what you want when it comes to your Partner or Soul Mate. Please do not think for a moment that I am coming to you from a place where this issue is relevant to me. I have the perfect soul Mate and we have been enjoying a life of absolute joy and deliberate intent. We have been together for 18 years now and he still writes in the soap suds on the windscreen words like “I Love You.” We see and appreciate each other through the eyes of Source and have manifested a little boy together. The Law of Attraction and the Universe always deliver to us that which we manifest from the Vortex.

I will not tell you the entire story as he book I am writing is almost complete and when it get published by Hay House you will be able to purchase it for yourself. It is a sort of biography of my life since as far back as I can remember. Not a good story to start off with, but such a triumphant crescendo that matched me up with almost everything I ever wanted and more.

Now let’s get back to that Soul Mate of yours. To begin with you will need to use the Law of Attraction to your benefit and stop attracting by default. We have to help you get into a better frame of mind. So let’s throw you straight into the deep end. Get over the other guys. Stop moping around and acting like a victim. You created him or them so now it is time to create something else. The Law of Attraction states “that which is like unto itself is drawn” so you need to clean up your vibration, then the universe can match you up with what you think as well as what you want. So be careful what you think about.

You are a magnificent wonderful genius Being that is an extension of Source(God) Energy come into this human existence to have fun and live a life of joy and abundance. Now this being the case, you also have to understand that this is not uniquely applicable to you, it is so for every living creature on this planet. So now here is the thing it is time to stop thinking that everyone has to change their reality to suit yours. It’s time to stop thinking that everyone has to do things the way I want them done and then I can be happy. Attracting your Soul Mate in thirty days will be a cinch if you implement these affirmations into your everyday life.

 Not so, you see what is right for you is not always so for someone else. Once you understand that your life and everyone in it is there by your design you will be taking your power back and having total control over your reality. If this is your desire then please take yourself to one of my websites and download the FREE e-book on Affirmations to attract your soul Mate within thirty days. This will give you a head start, and then when you are ready you may want to purchase our fantastic e-book on How to attract your Soul Mate in Thirty Days.

Deliberate Intent
You can continue to live your life by default or you can sit up and take notice of where you are heading. Someone once wrote "You can't go through life looking through Rose tinted glasses." I say to them why the hell not. Your life is your own creation, there is no getting away from that. So why not make it rose colored, why not make it any color you want. What ever you decide to do always go to The Vortex (a place of unconditional love, appreciation and Joy) first and then create your life the way you want it to be. People always told my son that he embellished too much and at one time I agreed, but most of the time he is just telling the story the way he wants his life to be. Mostly he had never deliberately hurt anyone with his words and if the words did hurt someone, then it is the listeners allowing not his fault. They can choose to be hurt or not.



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Victoria Always
07/17/2013 20:56

Thank you for the thoughtful and insightful information about living a life with abundance of joy and believing how special genius human being we all are.

Caroline Lane
08/15/2013 08:52

Please let me have the ebook

Chris Stegman
12/06/2013 07:19

where is the link to the e-books?

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download Ebook: Attracting The One - Attract Your Soulmate

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This is a great site. I wish the admin would update it and provide more articles. I love using affirmations to change the way that I am thinking and what I am attracting into my life and soulmates are no different.

Here are my favorite affirmations to repeat each day:

I think that affirmations are extremely powerful and if you repeat them each day and truly believe the words that you hear then you will see results in a very short amount of time.

Wish you all the best of luck and attract the perfect partner into your life.

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Please send me the e-book and powerful positive affirmation to attract soul mate.


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